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Our Roots

Here at SoulStir Creative, we are driven by a single goal; to tell stories that matter. Whether it be New Media or Film, we strive to add positive, constructive, and enlightening dialogue in a constantly evolving industry.



Stories in the Works



ABLE aims to fill a gap of missing conversations within the entertainment world. In a series of quirky webisodes, our hosts (Kallen Blair and Alie B. Gorrie) join various figures in theater, film, television, and entertainment with real experiences in and with the disabled and neurodiverse communities to discuss how storytellers can create more representative and truthful narratives.

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AT EASE is a mockumentary style webseries. "After the inundation of combat embedded journalists during the global war on terror, one innovative news crew obtains unprecedented authorization to shadow a US Army company in a garrison environment."

* Created by and featuring United States Military Veterans.

Filament Bulb

“Speaking a story can be an act of letting in light.” - Anne Bogart


We are currently raising funds for ABLE. To Support, please click to give directly to our crowdfunding campaign, or give to our Fiscal Sponsor, New York Theatre Barn, for a tax deductible donation.



New York, NY, USA

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